No Smells On Consoles For "Decades"

Talking to IncGamers, Professor Bob Stone, research director at Birmingham University's Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre has said that the "delivery mechanism is clunky" and the "technology doesn't work, not at the moment anyway," for the delivery of smells on video games.

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thetamer3494d ago

Awesome. I just don't understand how it would work, especially if you are gonig from one location to another. Surely the mixture of smells would ruin any smell you may have had pumping at you anyway. And who wants to smell the content of our games anyway???!!?

Fyzzu3494d ago

Good. I could do without smelling the Obligatory Sewer Level in every game.

Leord3494d ago


Bubbles for you!

Good point.

Or the insides of a giant worm...

Nineball21123494d ago

Or a Leisure Suit Larry game.... o_O

Leord3494d ago

I think that even in the technology worked perfectly with delivering smells, and them dissipating quick enough that it would really bring much to the table. I can understand it would take 30 years to get it working in the first place.

The smells would need to be relatively strong to even be noticeable, and they need to dissipate very quickly to not be annoying for other people in the house.

I can see you need to buy lots of chemical cartridges as well for re-filling smells after a hectic FPS game with lots of gunpowder.

Dorjan3494d ago


I just can't see how this is even possible, let alone practical!

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