THQ delivers gold-plated Wii to The Queen

THQ has revealed that HRH The Queen of England received an unusual surprise today as a gold-plated Wii was delivered to Buckingham Palace.

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FinalomegaS3466d ago

See how much that baby is worth on Ebay!!!

Chrisny853466d ago

probably worth less then if they were to melt it down and turn it into a necklace..

now on the other hand if it were a ps3...

christian hour3466d ago

Even in recession times people are still wasting money on that stupid, obsolete, why-are-they-even-still-around , royale family! Makes me wanna shake my fist in their general direction... which from me is... EAST! grrrr! shaaake!

FinalomegaS3466d ago


at least we get a day off work in Canada because of her birthday lol

christian hour3466d ago

Seriously? Hahaha. We live right next door and we don't! Yet another thing the english have deprived us Irish of over the last few hundred years, an extra day off work! :P (its a joke brits, don't take it to heart.)

Alvadr3466d ago

Yep, what does that old crow do other than sit on her throne all day watching the country go to s**t while being wined, dined & pampered. And the rest of the royal family dont do s**t neither other than get drunk and make a**es of themselves.. Remember prince harry turning up to a costume party in a nazi uniform... WTF!!!

Short live the queen and the aristocracy!! Who needs em

christian hour3466d ago

I thought the nazi uniform thing was genius! It is a symbol of gay pride isn't it? :P

Marcello3466d ago

Utterly ridiculous, a gold plated Wii wat a waste.

rich get richer & poor get poorer.

The French & Russians had the best policy on Royal families, about time the rest of the world followed suit.

Dead_Cell3466d ago

Actually brings in MILLIONS every month in tourism.
I'd say alot more than is actually spent on her.

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-x.Red.x-3466d ago

gold wii huh...

wonder if she will play it more then once...

Dimitri3466d ago

Silver plated PS3 pl0xxxxx !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.