Iwata: Several titles coming by year's end

NintendoDpad reports:
"In the financial results for fiscal year 2009, Iwata was asked what the company will due to regain sales in the latter half of this year?"

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Product3491d ago

I'm still hoping for a huge core title, maybe even two. Star Fox and F-Zero need to come out. With Motion Plus confirmed. Do it Nintendo.

nintendohomie3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Motion Plus Star Fox would be awesome! but make it all flying again no adventure.

ultra643491d ago

Star Fox 64 was one of my favorite games so it. Make an online multiplayer though similar to the N64 version. So much fun with 4 people.

Product3491d ago

Good point, i think a lot of people forget about how much fun 4 player games can be.

avantgarde843491d ago

They better give us some good titles this holiday, last holiday season was a bummer.

mastiffchild3491d ago

Gots to hope for new LoZ, new Metroid or, less likely, new Mario I imagine. New Zelda wouldn't surprise me and we've also heard talk of those ideas for new MP games(one where you play as the space pirates and one prequel- were those the rumours or have I just got it wrong?)thile KI and F-Zero are also possibles.

Hope that the M+ software really uses it well or Ninty could make a big mistake with the add on. How many "casual" gamers are going to feel the need to upgrade when they're happy with what they've got, esp in dark economic days like these? Plus many long term gamers aren't fussed about motion controls at all(which I don't get-who wouldn't think a 1:1 lightsaber game would be cool?)So... the games that back up M+ have to be really good AND Ninty will have to roll out one or two of their bigget guns to keep momentum going.

I'd love a new Starfox but IDK how many people will want to get four of everything AND four M+ add ons to pay the 4 player mode-still it's only an option and you would imagine a M+ enabled flying stsrem could make the game incredibly cool-after the great job done with updating Punchout!!(fabulous effort from all concerned in my book and S&P2 looks like the "hardcore" gore free game of the year-but how will it sell?)I would think that if a SF game arrives they'll dot the "I"s and cross all the "T"s really well.

Hope this E3 brings great things from Nintendo as the other two are really starting to bubble under.

desolationstorm3491d ago

Well its always a problem having an addon that affects gameplay like the n64 expansion pack. Though I think Nintendo is doing the right thing with more bundles with M+ packed in with it. They really should use multiple games tha appeal to wide range of audience. Like WS:Resort will get one in the hands of millions alone. Then add another game like tiger woods or a tennis game and you should get on in the hands of a larger percentage of wii owners. Almost all casuals are likly to have one because of WS:R. Then some core owners that dont like WS could pck one up with golf or tennis.

Frankly Ill be very excited if they annouce a space SF since SF64 was one of my favs from that system. A new Zelda could be annouced and I think it is likly. My question is are they gonna use same engine or new one. If its the same engine I could see it coming out this winter not likely but Nintendo likes to suprise with annoucing and having games come out quickly.

Hey Im happy right now as a wii owner. With Punch Out and Boom Blox just coming out and the Conduit around the corner(assuming its good) pretty nice releases.

I LOL AT U3491d ago

Several shovel wear titles only LOL

Trevorthenerd3491d ago

nintendo dont make shovel wear titles btw

N4g_null3491d ago

I would love a new mario with physics when you break down walls. You know 2d style in certain parts and 3d in certain parts. Actually it would be cool to see certain parts of the old mario 2d games in 3d.

F-zero would be cool too, I miss the ominous feel it had back in the day though.

Star fox needs the great music from the past games and a real challenge. The DS version was ok but got boring fast or maybe I was too busy with work?

New ideas and games is what I will expect though. Talent is starting o collect on this system.

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