Football Superstars Boxed Retail Version In Autumn

CyberSports has announced that a boxed retail version of the MMO, Football Superstars, will go on sale in the third financial quarter of 2009.

The box set will offer gamers a host of new features including the ability to attend a gym, buy licensed products from Puma and Reebok, be interviewed by the press, buy expensive clothes and dine in the best restaurants. Players can also manage their very own teams.

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Maticus3497d ago

Haven't heard much about this game, looks to be quite successful though.

Leord3497d ago

Sucessful is one thing. I really dislike the genre though.

thetamer3497d ago

Coolio! This is going to be a big one I reckon.

Dorjan3497d ago

I'm still not sure about these Football MMOs...

I'm also starting to think anything with multiplayer is being called an MMO atm!

Fyzzu3497d ago

So the stuff like press interviews isn't going to be patched into the online version? Ugh.

AndyA3497d ago

Really like the idea of this. Will have to give it a try.

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