FUEL is "arguably the most open-world game there is"

VG247: Codemasters racer FUEL may be the most open game ever created, according to producer Phil Wright.

"FUEL is arguably the most open-world game there is," Wright told VG247.

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Lumbo3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Nope, Elite2: Frontier is 100000000 times more open :p as in a whole universe size open. A mere fraction of a planet can not compete with a universe. But most likely fuel will have a more manageable control than Frontier. Nothing annoyed me more than zipping past the target planet by several lightyears cause i started the reverse thrust a minute to late.

Jdoki3498d ago

If I were being pedantic I could point out that they mentioned 'open-world' game, not 'open-universe', but I'm not. :)

And yeah, the controls in Frontier really caused me headaches....

edgeofblade3498d ago

I don't think trillions of miles of empty space and barely polygonal planets compares in the least. Recreate that game in the kind of detail in Fuel and then we can talk about your Godhood.

Milky Joe3498d ago

Yeah, well, Just Cause was pretty damn open... We all know how that turned out XD

edgeofblade3498d ago

Coulda used some more work, but for my money, JC was a very enjoyable game. I'm looking forward to more hanging on to a jet fighter's wing at mach 1.

Cherchez La Ghost3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Now if they would had made Just Cause an MMO, they might would had a winner.

peeps3498d ago

hmmm not sure about this game. gonna have to read up on some reviews

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The story is too old to be commented.