Microsoft ordered to pay $200 million

Fudzilla: "A Texas jury has ordered Microsoft cough up $200 million dollars to a Canadian company for patent infringement."

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windmill1453467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )
$388 mil + $200 mil= $588 million in less than to two weeks, WOW, MS really needs to find a better lawyer.

qface643467d ago

agreed i know some people say stuff like oh its M$ the have billions that's nothing

but to any major corporation loosing millions is a no no

gaffyh3467d ago

@qface - The only people who say that are 12 year olds that think just because Bill Gates is the richest man in the world (which he isn't), his company can afford to lose money like this. $588 Million in a recession, with a badly performing Operating system (although I think Vista is ok), and RROD/E74 errors still happening is bad for MS.

It won't stop MS, but everything seems to be going wrong for them. Also this story is going to get super hot.

-x.Red.x-3467d ago

too bad he's taken by Nintendo :D

Daoshai3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Losing millions is never a good thing, that is true. Now honestly looking in the patent office isn't very hard, I've registered a few ideas myself and I'll tell you there is always 20 patents filed for the same idea.

This makes me think microsoft just doesn't care and goes with it anyways, fines be damned.

For a company that makes 50 billion in a down yr, these fines are something that it will have to live with.

Oh, I said i right btw, 50 BILLION.

Well ok I lied, 48.82 Billion, I guess rounding up more than a billion dollars is a little crazy

pwnzter3467d ago

588 mill? you guys shouldn't be worried about that. that kind of money is pocket change to microsoft. well, pocket change that comes from the pockets of all them gold members ;D. microsoft should thank you guys for covering those fines :D

kcdude3467d ago

Actually, Bill Gates is currently the richest person in the world...again

raptorjacob3467d ago

@kcdude Ugggh you are right. just looked it up on forbes. Good call. what happened Buffett??

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I LOL AT U3467d ago

LOL caught for stealing something from Sony again I bet.

jadenkorri3467d ago

read the fracking article before commenting, this has to do with something in word, meaning most likely Microsoft Word...

actualy article comment
"I4i took Microsoft to the cleaners after it violated a patent held by her company in its Word processing programs"

so whatever that is, has nothing to do with sony. And its not as if Sony hasn't been sued and lost millions also.

siyrobbo3467d ago

what has this article got to do with gaming? its about a patent infringement on a word processor

Nineball21123467d ago

That's why it's under Industry News and not Gaming.

Newsflash, Microsoft is involved in the gaming business and as such, news about them as a corporation is suitable to be posted on N4G.

ultimolu3467d ago

Pretty sure that Microsoft will appeal this one too.


dont people read first. its a WORD PROCESSOR infringment.

ultimolu3467d ago

I read it. Microsoft still has to cough up $200 million if they don't appeal it quick enough.

Nineball21123467d ago

What is your point about it being for a word processor infringement? Does that mean Microsoft doesn't have to pay?

It still affects them no matter if it's for a game console infringement, or an OS infringement, or a word processor infringement.

Microsoft Xbox 3603467d ago

That's why this article is published under Industry News. Duh.

LightofDarkness3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Maybe, but it's not about the videogame industry. This is about word processing. This relates to Microsoft's enterprise software division, not their gaming division.

To say that it belongs here by extension because Microsoft has a gaming division is foolish. That's like posting news every time Sony releases a new Walkman, or series of TVs, or home theatre system. But we don't see that do we?

No, the reason this was posted is because it's bad news for the Microsoft Corporation and thus a reason for fanboys to get riled up. It's just more flame-bait.

kewlkat0073467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Exactly why we do not get Sony Walkman or movie studio articles...

The thing is MS will always hold most by the [email protected] if they use windows and just pass these fines unto the consumer. If you rely on windows, what else you gonna do?

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