No More Heroes sequel to be shown at E3

In the latest IGN podcast, Matt Casamassina has confirmed that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be at E3

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Product3469d ago

Can't wait to see if they changed in this game compared to the last.

ultra643469d ago

Agreed, the first one was very good but had it's problems. I really hope they fix some of the major flaws the first one had.

avantgarde843469d ago

Honestly NMH wasn't as bad as people think. The open world was not that bad.

La Chance3469d ago

Would love to see it on the 360

N4g_null3469d ago

La Chance the 360 fans would suffocate him. They would put some game by epic up higher than his game and it would be forgotten. I think he is making a game with EA though. If 360 fans liked his style so much then they would have gotten killer 7 or NMH on the Wii. Maybe that will happen this year? Who knows? Part of me wouldn't mind seeing what he would do with the extra power but part of me says he needs limits. I guess we will see.

desolationstorm3469d ago

I do think his game would be swallowed up on the 360 if it came out. His games are style and presentation and the gameplay is usually ok or good enough to make it a good game. I enjoyed NMH it was one of those games I said used the right amount of motion controls. I dont want every swing in an action game to be motion.

Redempteur3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

They must have made some changes ..
i just HOPE that if they kept the city , they have to put more things in it ( more exercise options for customisations , more shops , more mini games , more jobs more of everything)... AND a new bike for travis ( a more "super" over kill bike with a lot of nitro ... )

for the rest , with motion plus i don't have much worries with the beam sabers fights ... and the design of the ennemies is not a worry either ...

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LoaMcLoa3469d ago

Suda51 said that the game would be released at the beggining in 2010, but now he says that the game is nearly finished :O Hope they didn't rush on the game too much

mastiffchild3469d ago

Suda51 is an anomaly among directors-a perfectionist with an odd view of perfection and no respecter of even his own timetables! The guy just loves games and game culture and has the best imagination in the industry(I mean- Killer7? Come on!)and last time out(Nathan Drake apart) he gave us this gens best new lead character.

I'm guessing that if it's being shown that perhaps there's some M+ Beam Katana action(that obviously went through dev like a knife, a glowing leccy one mind, through butter)to support Ninty's own showing-would push sales massively as well.

The only rel change I crave, though, is a busier open world and that shouldn't be too hard given he had way more staff for the sequel.

Cannot wait for the Suda/Mikami game for PS360 either which he'll now be working on! Big fan of the old Suda.

FinalomegaS3469d ago

looking forward to this and the toilet usage hehe

bigjclassic3469d ago

this makes me wanna play pt.1 all over.

Shnazzyone3468d ago

oooh... hope they show gameplay at e3. Not just another trailer. I want to see how every bit goes now. One of those games that just show how awesome the wii can be... if you have ever done enough wrestling moves on NMH you would understand.