AllAboutTheGames' - Punch-Out!! Review

Richard Horne at AATG writes:

"I have extremely fond memories from my childhood of walking through the local town centre with my parents and being transfixed by the demo machine in the window of what used to be Rumbelows.

What always caught my eye was the image of this tiny little boxer absolutely leathering the shit out of opponents 5 times his size. I don't know if this appealed to me because at the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper myself, or whether there was just something so bewildering and transfixing about how quick he was on his toes. His fast left-right combos, his blistering hooks to the belly and his turbo-charged super punches were all so mesmerising. And I took great heart from the fact that Little Mac - as I eventually discovered his name to be - was, against all odds, such a great little prize-fighter."

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