Arcade games still got it… if they're in the right place

With few exceptions, where you find an arcade game seems to have a lot to do with whether or not it ever gets played. Apparently, an actual arcade isn't a very popular place for arcade games.

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Twizlex3466d ago

People love those pictohunt games in bars and restaurants. Does that count?

L80BelfDK3466d ago

I'm gonna say no because I don't even know what that is. But my local arcade is directly across from a movie theater so people are in there all the time. Actually, not all of the time, mainly just on friday and saturday night.

Cookigaki3466d ago

Arcade serves no purpose. Only fun arcade game that still exists is Daytona USA.

Twizlex3466d ago

Hahaha, Daytona USA? Really? THAT's the only good arcade game?

himdeel3465d ago

...was in Chicago to Game Works (SEGA) it was pretty fun. I wish malls had arcades like in the olden days so me and my son have something to do besides carry my wifes stuff when I go with her. Arcades rock when you have unlimited plays for a certain amount of time using some type of gamer card. Otherwise the paying for a card and only being able to play so many games before you have to recharge the card sucks.

Dave and Busters as some mention is fun but sometimes the games seem too...generic for lack of better descriptor. However it is a fun place to go with friends that you can get food and drink.

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Milk is for Babies3466d ago

I never see anyone in the arcade. I don't know where the right place is supposed to be other than in my house.

Vault Boy3466d ago

Yeah, that's just it. Nobody needs the arcades anymore because the graphics on home consoles have gotten so good. The only people still going to arcades are the emo kids obsessed with DDR.

h0tz0rz3466d ago

Yeah, DDR and some shooting games like Time Crisis. And for some reason people still play the basketball games.

caseh3465d ago

Has nothing to do with graphics, arcade machines are expensive pieces of kit. Very little return on an arcade cab that costs like £10000 when its 30p a play, thats why the majority of arcades in the UK now have at least 10 gambling machines to every video game. Its all about the monies.

Home consoles did shift people away from arcades though. When SFII was released on the snes was when i first started to notice it.

skip2mylou3465d ago

you guys need to get some better aracde games cause we in minnesota get our arcade game filling at Mall of America. tons of people play Initial D and Devil Z racing game. then their is tekken. and on the other side of the arcade are actual aracde games were u still earn those tickets things

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SuperSharpShooter3465d ago

I for one love these machines, and i me and the misses see one, we always have a blast,to think, these are our ancestors of the multi player back in the 70s,i loved them so much i picked one up for £30 from a friend who used to have a pub.

Screen wasn't working and it had Streets of Rage mother board, ebay`ed for some new joysticks and fire buttons,(£30) and put a new front end configuration of 6 fire buttons ( street fighter config ) and now runs mame 32 with 6300 games! It likes like the dogs Boll**ks.

even setup as a juxbox machine,any one should try to do the same, pm for help if you like.

now worth £450, (people asked to buy it, but its not for sale at any price, cant put a price on memories)


ZombiesNJ3465d ago

If you live in the north east...specifically PA or NJ...there's dave and busters which has lots of arcade games and that place is really popular. If you were to go on the boardwalk at the jersey shore you would see all the arcades packed in the summer time. It's all about placement. We used to have an arcade place around my house in a strip mall, but that did go out of business and they sold all their arcade machines, but they did do relatively well for the time they were in business.