Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete - European Contents Revealed

Electronic Theatre has today received confirmation of the finer details of the forthcoming European release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Arriving in stores on 27th July, 2009, European Final Fantasy fans will not be receiving the same generously packaged demo of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII.

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Superduper093492d ago

Yay. I'm so happy to see the movie is geting a European release :). Big fan of FFVII here.

Baba19063492d ago

lol we are not getting the demo of FF XII(12).... hihih should correct it. couse the demo to 12 would be really lame. =D

ShinnokDrako3492d ago

I got the DVD of FFVII: AC, so if Square-Crapenix won't give the demo... i'll skip this purchase. Thanks SE (since it's region free they could add at least the japanese version... slakers...).

Dark-vash3492d ago

Already have this on DVD... So it doesn't worth the money

zoneofenders3492d ago

actually ACC is much better than AC........
but i guess you can always download it...illegally...
also thanks a lot, M$. we can not get the demo because "it will be unfair to 360 owner......."(from kitase)

Marcello3492d ago

Iam so bored of Squeenix & there FFXIII, this stupid [email protected] has been going on for years now & there`s still no end in sight. I saw the article about there income being down 31%, i mean DUH seriously wat do they expect with delays, not listening to customers & generaly being totally incompentant. How the mighty have fallen :(

So now this stupidity, firstly putting in a demo to make ppl buy the movie was lame but then to leave it out in the western release makes it stink 10x worse, is George Bush running Squeenix or something ???

kevnb3492d ago

imo you are entitled too, you already bought the dvd.

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Arsenal4Ever3492d ago

lol typical eu treatment as usual

sinncross3492d ago

Why is Last Order not on the blu ray? Heck, why is Last Order not even dubbed...

seriously Square, come on.

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The story is too old to be commented.