MMOHub: Free Realms Review

From the review:

"Ultimately, "Free Realms" lives up to what's promised: a free-to-play MMORPG that people of all ages can enjoy, and that gamers of all persuasions can play. Are you a casual gamer who plays the occasional Flash game? There are plenty of jobs for you. Do you play "WoW" and other MMORPGs regularly? Then you'll find some enjoyment in the combat jobs, and exploring the world."

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Coyotegrey3491d ago

Still haven't tried it out....been meaning to though. Now I feel like a bigger nincompoop for procrastinating.

ahnonamis3491d ago

It's a fun game, but it's not something I could play regularly, or even every other day.

TheSmokingManX3491d ago

I might give it a try at some point. It can't be worse than some of the other MMOs on the market.