GameSpy: Madden NFL 10 Hands-On

GameSpy writes: "Every year the team at Tiburon is challenged by their EA Sports overlords to do more than simply improve upon the previous year's Madden. They also have to come up with a new gimmick, a new gameplay feature, something that the marketing guys can sink their teeth into, a theme that the new trailers can be based on, and preferably something that their cover athletes are known for.

For example, Shaun Alexander was on the cover of Madden NFL 07, the year that the franchise introduced lead blocker control (in his prime, Shaun ran left behind two of the best in Hutchinson and Jones) and the highlight stick, two features that were meant to vastly improve the fun and quality of the running game."

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FragMnTagM3471d ago

Haven't been into madden since the early days when it was fresh. Now it is old and stale. It needs competition. ProTak looks decent, but I am willing to bet that it gets scrapped in next years version. My reason for this is that they have added some decent features in the past and took them away the next year. Let's hope they improve upon the feature like they did with the hit stick. I also hope this doesn't happen every play, because gang tackling doesn't happen all the time in the NFL. It does happen often, but not every damned play.

Hope the demo is good, or EA won't get my money for another year.

360isgreat3471d ago

If he comes back I will without a doubt not get this nor watch football.

That would be enough to tip the scale. Wish they would release the stupid license.