Tatsunoko vs Capcom Trailer

Kombo Writes: "Capcom confirmed that Tatsunoko vs Capcom would be hitting Wii later this year earlier in the week and to celebrate they have posted a new trailer of the game. Yes, the trailer is in Japanese but the fighting looks so awesome that it doesn't matter."

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qface643434d ago

man there is so many wii games i wanna get in 09

but you know what i still haven't sent my wii in for repairs ._____.

KKanjiAnkh3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )


I wish they had Racer X and Dante, in it also.

TheColbertinator3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

I can't believe Fragile and Tatsunoko vs Capcom were confirmed for the west.I truly am happy by these recent developments

Nugan3434d ago

Fragile was confirmed?

How did I miss this? Do you have a link to the article?

If this is true, it is the best Wii news I have heard in awhile.

2FootYard3434d ago

I pulled the husk off a piece of corn to find an alien fetus.

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The story is too old to be commented.