Fight Night Round 4 Control Controversy

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "The Fight Night Round 4 pre-release demo has been available to those that pre-ordered for almost a week (public demo to be released 6/4/09 on the PSN). The biggest issue has been the removal of the face buttons for punching. Fight Night Round 3 allowed you a choice between using the analog stick (called TPC, Total Punch Control) or by using the face buttons of your controller."

Let us know how you feel in our poll.

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DoucheVader3467d ago

You are welcome! How could we keep that to ourselves?

Sev3467d ago

You are very welcome.

It was just too good to hold back. We always have something up our sleeve. Still do.

ThanatosDMC3467d ago

Total punch control was so much better... but choice is fine too.

DoucheVader3467d ago

It may be an online balance thing. The devs must really believe in the controls to force it.

Flipgeneral3466d ago

I can understand only allowing the TPC control scheme for online play.

However, it would be more accessible to people who just want to play with some friends. You really do have to be accurate with your movements, and it takes some practice. Say I have a bbq (perfect game for bbq's imo!), and someone that has not played with the TPC wants to have a game. They will get frustrated with the mechanics and give up.

All I'm saying is, give the choice to the user

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ASSASSYN 36o3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

The controls sucks. I don't know why they couldn't just leave the controls alone. Devs always screw up the best parts of a game in a sequel.

DoucheVader3467d ago

I don't play Fight Night. :)

But honestly are devs just supposed to add more spit and better physics each time?

If that is the case why not just make 1 Fight Night per console and service the die hards with DLC?

FragMnTagM3467d ago

I was beating the crap out of my friend just like I did in Fight Night R3, the only difference was that you don't get an unfair hit after blocking the other guys punch.

Other than that, it is almost identical. If you have a short boxer, you want to get as close as possible and work on the gut. If you have a tall boxer, it is a good idea to keep your distance and land some good hard hooks with the occasional uppercut. In other words, it is pretty damn realistic, and was changed for the better.

They did a good job of changing the controls just right.

ftwrthtx3467d ago

There's a bit of a learning curve for all of the button users from round 3, but if you get past that, the TPC works great.

MajorgamerQc3466d ago

You controller will look like this in no time http://majorgamer.gametrail...

Oh and this has been done with punches on the button. Only uppercuts and power punch were on the right sticks

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Panthers3467d ago

I love punching with the analog stick.

FragMnTagM3467d ago

except for when I first started playing the series. After getting used to the analog stick is very satisfying, and you can knock them out easier if you get really good at it.

GVON3467d ago

So long as that's in four I don't care what new control schemes are added,nothing beats winding up a big left with smoking joe

DoucheVader3467d ago

You unleash the sharks with laser beams! :)

DJ3467d ago

Dude, if you're wrong on that I'm calling you out. =P

ftwrthtx3467d ago

Jumped the shark when they found out they were brothers.

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