Whatever happened to Han, Luke, and Leia asks why Lucas Arts continues mining the Clone Wars well instead of going back to what worked and develop games for the original trilogy again.

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BlackIceJoe3494d ago

I think having new games on the old Star Wars characters would be cool. There even is new books out right now. Like the Star Wars Outcast series. I could see those books being turned into new games and would be really fun too. I also would like to see LucasArts go back and make some great space flying sims game like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. If there were to be new games on the new Star Wars series you could use the new ships instead of the X-Wing & Tie Fighter. Just keep the old school feel of those space sims and you would have an awesome game.

katanalpha3494d ago

I just want to see a trilogy made from the Heir to the Empire books, I could die happy then!

rhood0223494d ago

There is the Dark Forces games, Jedi Knight Outcast, Shadows of the Empire, Jedi Academy, the various Rogue Squadron games. All of which took place in the OT and post-OT timeline and showcase each of these characters in varying degrees.

Right now, with the Clone Wars cartoon and everything, that particular era is hot as far as merchandising. But looking beyond that, what appeals to most people in the mainstream (i.e the casual star wars fan) are not particular characters, but rather concepts--the Jedi, the dark jedi/sith or any other force user.

Why do you think they decided to make the Jedi/Sith classes in the Star Wars MMO available to everyone instead of keeping with the original concept? Or why do most of the books in the last 10+ years revolving around the New Jedi Order? Or even around other force-wielders like Darth Bane and Darth Plageus? People want to play as and read about force-wielding, lightsaber wielding dynamos.

The Republic Commando game and the two Rebellion games, even the Shadows of the Empire game before them, showed that there is a world outside of the Jedi but it all comes back to what would sell to the general public--and that's lightsabers, not blasters.

katanalpha3493d ago

Did you even read the article, I'm talking about a current generation game that CONTINUOUS the story of the ORIGINAL CAST. Seriously dude it's right in the articles title. While the some of the really old games you mentioned do have them in some form or the other, none of those games advance the story for the original cast in any meaningful way.

DeadlyFire3493d ago

While I do agree that all those games were awesome and not the utter BS crap we get now.

Jedi/Sith are what most people love sure, but godlike jedi shouldn't exist in any game. They should be balanced with other classes. Fact is THEY HAVE NEVER made a game with balance on both sides. If they did then it would sell beyond reason and people would love it. Jedi/Sith need to be balanced among other classes that way if you want to be sniper you can be sniper and if you want a Jedi/sith you can be Jedi/sith with blocking meter or something to that extent. No better game series than Jedi Knight. Dark forces, Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast. All great SP and Fun MP. Balanced no, but fun yes.

Jedi Academy = Good MP, but not so decent SP mode. Mods like Moviebattles have come about and are played alot even currently for Jedi Academy. Movie battles mod originated in JO MP though. Now it is getting an even better upgrade as a standalone mod on the Source engine as Star Wars A New Era with class based setup and objectives in MP and Jedi/Sith mix with gunners will be balanced. Sounds like fun yes? I hope that the developers of this mod. Actually do progress into a Star Wars Deal of some sort for a BattleFront or Jedi Knight type of game. That would be awesome. Better than the crap on consoles now like Force Unleashed.

They need to mix best of game with Guns and best of game with Lightsabers and push for balance on both sides. Blocking should have a limit or something. Using force all the time should tire you and other things like that. You know?

CraftyGaz3493d ago

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side kid.

GiantEnemyCrab3494d ago

Original Trilogy >>>> Clone Wars and anything since

Lucas has loss his touch for the most part.

Torch3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )


The first three were soooo much fun back in the day, while I had a pretty tough time maintaining interest while watching the later-released prequels - with the exception of the last one, Revenge of the Sith, which I finally thoroughly enjoyed (but still can't hold a candle to the escapades of Han and the gang!)


It seems kind a pointless knowing he will betray all of them......does not make him much of a hero to admire...I want the new jedi council

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