GameSpot: Punch-Out!! Review

GameSpot writes: "Punch-Out is a great update to the classic boxing franchise. Although it is largely the same game that it was more than 20 years ago, it's still fun and charming. The fights are still so intense and rewarding that you'll want to see all the different tricks the boxers have up their sleeves. The silly visuals exude charm and offer a few laugh-out-loud moments. Even the two-player mode, which is utterly ridiculous, is fun, letting you gleefully bash your buddy. The motion controls are too tiring and the balance board support is a mess, but everything else about this game is pure entertainment".

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slave2Dcontroller3466d ago

Yesterday and it IS AWSOME! If you ever need a reason to dust off your Wii, Punch Out is it. This game is 9 at the least.