Toro and Kuro Interview the Creator of Shadow of the Colossus

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: Toro and Kuro, of Japanese fame, recently caught up with Shadow of the Colossus and ICO director and lead designer, Fumito Ueda. The two characters talk with Ueda about his humble beginnings, his future projects, and even how Team ICO got the name, ICO.

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Lucreto3493d ago

Sev I hope you didn't spoil any surprise with the Project Trico leak.

If there is something really amazing left to announce that you think it the highlight of Sony's E3 could you please keep it under your hat.

Dir_en_grey3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

This interview was already out on Mainichi Issho's Toro Station back in November 08. You can still view it when you goto Toro Station from the game and goto the back numbers page and into the Toro Station 24 Hour Marathon section, or watch it here:

At 6:47 Ueda started talking about SotC was supposed to be online etc. This whole Toro Station thing is done by Sony so I don't think they would add in anything meaningless, so IMO thus hinting at Trico having online.

Attached a pic of Ueda's sign to Toro (present item for viewing this ep) already showed the creature back in Nov 08, even though at the time people thought he just drew a real life Kuro/Toro.

Scolar Visari3493d ago

I don't see Sev doing that.

ThePlaystation3guy3493d ago

I'm sure Mr.Ueda has been emailing ALL of SCE asking how the video was leaked, lol. Fun little interview. Why doesn't the PS3 have some cool little mascot in the US?