x360a Velvet Assassin Review

x360a writes: "War is a story of violence, despair, and millions of atrocities, and Velvet Assassin seeks to bring that atmosphere to a video game in a way very few others ever have. Inspired by the life of British agent Violette Szabo, Velvet Assassin casts players as fictional agent Violette Summer, and ships them off to tackle dangerous solo missions against the Nazi army. With darkness as her ally, Violette aims to slow down the Nazi war machine to the best of her ability.

Velvet Assassin's narrative starts near the ending, with Violette bedridden as the game opens, while two men stand nearby, deciding what should be done with her. As they discuss her fate, Violette remembers her missions against the Nazis. This flashback-driven framework allows the game to bounce between missions stretching over several months of time without having to trouble with the events in-between them, and gives the story an almost episodic feeling, while retaining an overall plot arc..."

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