Call of Duty: WaW New Map Pack 2 Details

Some new details about the 4 maps to be included in the upcoming Map Pack 2 have surfaced. Including that the new Zombie map will come with 10 new achievements/trophies.

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dragunrising3435d ago

Why are you excited to get ripped off? The PC will get the DLC for FREE while console owners will pay another $10.

I was a fool to buy the last DLC, and wont make the same mistake. If PC gamers pay, I'll pay (which won't happen btw).

Boycott the DLC.

a32903435d ago

I think the DLC for PC is sponsored by Intel.
I am not sure =(

SullyDrake3435d ago

Plus new Trophies will be nice since I got the Platinum and 100% Trophy completion.

Hydrolex3435d ago


are you kidding me ? paying 10bucks for a PC DLC ? get it from Torrents or Limewire for free LMAO !

When we can download 60 bucks games then paying for DLC is a joke

TheIneffableBob3435d ago

The reason PC users don't pay is not because of piracy, it's because they don't want to. PC users are used to freedom as that's one of the main draws to playing on the platform.

Map packs would be useless anyway for a pirated version of the game since you need authentication to play online.

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SuperSharpShooter3435d ago

cant wait for this, that zombie mode has me hooked!!
Day of the dead any one?lol

bring it:)

Crazyglues3435d ago

the only reason I am buying this is because I am hooked on Zombies... I love it... it's just too much fun.

So yeah PSN here I come.. :) Bring it on... LoL

jon_jeff223435d ago

I Like tp play call of duty so what date it will release?

Javier193435d ago

Lol i aint buying no DLC for COD..

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