Is DLC the new white collar crime?

With the seemingly endless trend of DLC appearing on both Marketplace and PSN Store, some of which appears in the first week of a title's release, we look at the incentives for these developers and examine how the gamer is ultimately the fall guy for content that in previous generations they would have expected as the 'norm'

Taking a look at recent inteviews on Joystig with Pete Lake of Criterion, plus Microsoft's IEB manager Kevin Salcedo who commented on website Gamasutra on the profit made by devlopers through DLC, we examine who is the real winner of this generations DLC.

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GiantEnemyCrab3435d ago

Some DLC is good like Fallout 3, GTA and Burnout but most of it is a rip-off. They are basically piecing the game out when you used to get it all for 1 price. They hide it under the guise of how expensive dev costs are.. But they forget they used that excuse when they started charging $60.

It's just like anything, greed takes over. I just don't buy it and for the bigger offenders I stopped buying their games all together.

Enate3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

I actually agree with you for once on one aspect but I also don't think that just because the DLC is good doesn't mean it can't be a ripoff. As far as I know quite a few people say Fallout 3's DLC is over priced regardless of being pretty good. I'll see for myself when they release it on psn but it wouldn't surprise me. An I agree a lot of the DLC for Burnout I like but some of it is weak and or over priced. Party Pack being the perfect example of being over priced for basically trophies an the Toy Car pack wasn't exactly cheap.

nightelfmohawk3435d ago's just a sad fact that it is profitable for most companies to go this route. I would never buy extra costumes or anything like that. But if someone else will, more power to them and more power to the developer who gets that much more money.

But for games I REALLY enjoy, I'll definitely buy more maps, more campaigns, etc. The only games I have bought DLC for to date are Valkyria Chronicles and Killzone 2. Those are the only two things I ever bought off PSN aside from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Will I buy more DLC in the future? Sure, but it has to be something I really want for a game I really love. I'll pass on the Street Fighter 4 costumes and the versus mode for RE5.

dericb113435d ago

It really is starting to be. More companies are looking make back money lost from privacy and used game sales. I think new game buyers should receive discounts, betas and On Disc DLC for buying new games. This way they quit screwing the real customers who really do support them.

Sky Zero3435d ago

I rather have DLC than no DLC at all.

While the prices are sometimes gouged and the DLC is not worth may be to someone out there.

My friend a huge SF fan has bought all of the DLC for SF4 over 30$ of costumes, themes, and pictures.

To him it is the best purchase he ever made because he is a fan.

If you like the game you will buy the DLC regardless of the price.

DLC isn't made to bring in new people or to be broadcasted to the mass public but only to show the current owners of the titles that there is something you might be interested.

If not oh well.

Now DLC is like any game it can suck or not suck.

I can name plenty of $60 games that are NOT worth it but do I make articles saying how "Gaming retail the new white collar crime?" do I?

Some DLC doesn't deliver some do, some are worth the price some aren't.

It's pretty much like any media related thing you purchase.