PS2 Motion Controller to be Announced at E3?

Sam From That Aussie Game Site writes: "I'm sure everyone has heard a few rumours flying around the interwebs about a lot of hardware announcements at E3 this year. Every console maker has something to be rumoured with Sony having the most. If you want to read on, why wouldn't you, ill let you read about the rumours and how likely they are to actually happen."

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Green Lantern23467d ago

Hell yeah Wii meet your maker.

Maddens Raiders3467d ago

nah really, the PS2 will be played by advanced cocckroaches when we're all dead and gone.

pixelsword3467d ago

...I told them to do that in the GAP, like in '07.

If they also listened, the controller will separate... AND there will be a PS2 version of home.

Godmars2903467d ago

Or it would be funny if this thing exists and comes in cheaper than the full Wiimote w/motion plus.

But does this mean that Sony's re-releasing all of the PS2's titles with motion control?

kornbeaner3467d ago

I think what would happen is third party wii games will now be able to be ported down to the PS2, thus expanding how long the PS2 is around and profitable for Sony. Since the Wii is not a big step up from the Wii Nintendo might have made Sony a huge favor (without knowing) by not making the specs on the Wii a huge upgrade like u see with the X360 and PS3. But only time will tell.

Imagine playing wii-type games on the PS2 while the PS2 is more then half the price of the Wii. Can be a huge blow for Nintendo if Third parties like what they see.

Sev3467d ago

There will be some type of new motion functions debuted by Sony at E3. Whether it is a controller, or for the PS2 or PS3, I am not sure.... yet.

Microsoft Xbox 3603467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

If its for the PS2, I'm going to be really disappointed. Then again if they reveal a PS3 slim I'm going to really happy.

sniper-squeak3466d ago

wud be great if they had been talking about a new Accelerometer in the rumoured "PSP GO!" when it came to this "motion" subject...

That's where motion is needed... PS3 has it, PS2 is old school and PSP needs it...

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SmokingMonkey3467d ago

making it for the PS3.

You could just port all those current Wii games and simultaneously extend the PS2's life.

Arsenic133467d ago

WTF would be the point of this?

gumgum993467d ago

Its amazing the types of rumors that pop up two weeks before E3...

gaminoz3467d ago

Exactly...rumours...NOT facts. Yet most of the rumours are seen as true instead of just interesting to wonder about. I remember last E3 it was all about the 360 Wii-mote...

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