Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend

VALVe has just announced that TF2 will be free for all to play this weekend!

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-MD-3467d ago

I'll make it easy for you guys if you own a computer that's 4 years old or newer and enjoy FPS games please do yourself a favor and just buy this game.

y0haN3466d ago

Time to not play TF2 all weekend, I can't stand the idiots that play during free weekends :)

TheIneffableBob3467d ago

Definitely the best multiplayer shooter in quite a while.

likedamaster3467d ago

I will be playing this game on my 360, it's way more fun(minus dlc/mods). TF2 for PC doesn't have the servers they claim to have. I just want to play a game on my favorite map and can't find but one and it's always full. No thanks. I still find many more games on the xbox360 version than I do on PC. It's funny though how the opposite is still being claimed.

TheIneffableBob3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Huh. I just did a quick query for TF2 servers and I was able to find every official TF2 map (except the arena maps) on servers that were populated but not full. The original six TF2 maps are some of the most popular. You should have absolutely no problem finding servers playing them. Also, TF2 gets like 100,000 players per day.

GamerPS3603467d ago

have fun playing with handicap controller :D

JustinSaneV23466d ago

Apparently your brain can't comprehend that fact that there is an option to remove servers that are full from the list not to mention there's are at least 20 servers dedicated to running each and every official map 24/7.

robotnik3467d ago

boring, childish characters, there's no point on playing this, TF died long ago.

micro_invader3466d ago

Says who?

I don't know about the console versions but I do know the PC version is still going strong. There's always servers to play on, custom maps, custom rules etc.

I happen to think the characters are more original than your typical "grunt" in any other FPS. They definitely have more charm.

JustinSaneV23466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

That's the art-style Einstein. It allows fast and easy understanding and comprehension of other characters and their role in the game.

And 29500 hours of total gameplay time in one week and about 19,898 total players per day is not what one would consider "dead".