inFamous Live Q&A Summary

The Official PlayStation Blog had a live Q&A chat with Nate Fox,Game Director, and David Meyer, Programmer, from Sucker Punch. Here's what we know about inFamous based on that chat:

* The idea for inFamous came from mashing a bunch of different ideas in order to create Grand Theft Auto with super powers.
* inFamous should take you about 25 hours if you are going for the Platinum Trophy.
* All kind of super powers were considered before electricity was chosen.
* Empire City is over 100 hexes, each hex being the size of one Sly Cooper open world exterior.
* Sly Cooper references are scattered around the game.
* There are different cutscenes for different game styles - good and evil.

More interesting facts in the link.

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GraySnake3466d ago

im a little sad that the day/night cycle does not continues through out but only selected times of day/night for story missions but oh well, could be something that is unlocked at the end of the game, or patched later in time... anybody know if they are planning and dlc like costumes or other things?