"Left 4 Dead 2" play testing in Valve's future

TVGB: "TVGB's inboxes have been graced by forwarded emails that suggest Valve is getting ready to do some play testing for Left 4 Dead 2. Yeah, considering that L4D was released just six months ago, seeing that voluptuous "2? at the end of "Left 4 Dead" drew out a collective "hmm?" from us as well. But no matter how loud we hum, it doesn't rule out the possibility that Valve is already batting away on a zombie apocalypse follow-up and could quite possibly be looking to test out a few things here and there."

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Green Lantern23492d ago

ps3 owners dream on yall never gonna get this awesome game lol dream beyond

Alcohog3492d ago

The game is pretty craptacular on Xbox, guy. Everyone should get this game on a PC anyways.

OT: Valve should deliver some new Co-Op maps before they begin work on a new game. That last update left a little to be desired.

Major_Tom3491d ago

Agreed, it sucks on Xbox but on PC it's really awesome, most of the people who play on PC aren't door knobs either so +1 for that.

Dead_Cell3492d ago

Games and series like Killzone 2,Uncharted,Motorstorm,Resista nce,Gran Turismo,God of War and many others make up for the lack of this game Green Lantern2.

DuneBuggy3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Pretty craptacular on Xbox?
Ive played the PC version on a system fast enough to run it with everything set to max.
It DOES look better..But:

1) Not better enough to warrant all the extra hardware expense to do it IMO. Im not buying a new PC to play a game or spend hundreds to upgrade one of my PCs just to do so.

2) Cant take it to my friends house without filling the SUV with said computer.Heck I could play it in the van.

4) I enjoy the splitscreen co op with my buddy.

I do hope part two is coming.Considering how quickly the DLC came out (and what was included), i would think a sequel wouldnt be hard to crank out in short order.Who knows? They may have already had levels made that didnt make part one.

Alcohog3492d ago

Its not all about looks, guy. You sound like a typical console only gamer with a little bit of PC envy. Its OK to admit, you don't have to be shy about it.

Major_Tom3491d ago

I have a $500 computer and it runs on max with x4AA If your computer costs over 1000$ to play L4D you're seriously doing it wrong or literally know nothing about computers.

PS360PCROCKS3492d ago

If they wanna make a 2nd one they should wait til they get the new source engine done and release it on that, that would be sweet!

DuneBuggy3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Typical console gamer?? I have other pursuits in life besides trips to the PC expo 3 times a month..... to keep up some sort of FPS bragging rights. No envy here pal. I have spent more on a single vacation than you have EVER dropped on personal use silicon chips.

Heres a little tip...No one cares how much RAM you have but you,your friends that spend half their paycheck on that too ,and the guy selling it to you.

In short you sound like someone who might need to get out more.

Major_Tom3491d ago

What you might find trivial some one might find what you're doing trivial.

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