14 Things You Never Expected to See in SingStar

Just a quick flick through the millions of videos uploaded to SingStar's SingStore - is like peering into a kaleidoscope filled with madness and cringe-worthy performances. From Michael Jackson impersonators to singing bread, it's a terrifying rollercoaster ride of 'look at me' wannabes. But GamesRadar is only too willing to oblige. So here's a one-stop shop of their 14 favourite stand-out acts. Enjoy.

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Cajun Chicken3466d ago

My fave's Call Me By Blondie, really fits in with the Nu-Wave theme. Man, I think I might join in with making some stupid videos, might purchase Singstar Queen after all. Hilarious!

Hapimeses3466d ago

This is one of the reasons that SingStar really rocks. I love it. :D