1UP: Terminator: Salvation Review

1UP writes: "After finishing the disappointingly anticlimactic game, I felt like I just read through a graphic novel side-story, but one that doesn't reveal anything new or interesting. From a technical standpoint, the game is passing, but its narrative, structure, and inattention to detail reveal this game for what it is: Yet another lazy cash-in on a "blockbuster" film. Though it may be worth a rental for people looking for easy Trophies/Achievements -- you earn every one just for playing through the main story -- Salvation doesn't provide any reason to play through the thoroughly purposeless story more than once, If a game is tied so closely with a movie, that it doesn't make sense without its source material, then the two should be packaged together, but as a $60 standalone title, Salvation is a complete waste of money".

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sunnygrg3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

OMG, horrible. GRIN WTF? First Wanted, then Bionic Commando, now this?

They've sure got a nice resume.

Freakwave0033467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

What a coincidence, I got a D+ on my physics test today.