Modern Warfare 2 Eliminating Respawning Enemies

Fighting terrorists is about to get a lot easier. In Modern Warfare 2, enemies will no longer constantly respawn as they did in previous Call of Duty games.

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goflyakite3466d ago

I honestly never noticed it because I was never just sitting in one place. I was constantly moving. Good to know they're getting rid of it though.

potenquatro3466d ago

I kind of liked the randomness of it sometimes. I think they should still keep it, but as a game mode.

Hydrolex3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Only campers knew this probably

IrishAssa3466d ago

I had to do this on veteran because bullets seem to be attracted to me,
I realised after a while that you had to move fast or you would get bumf**ked

talltony3466d ago

That is the most annoying part of cod games especially if you play it on veteran!

ambientFLIER3466d ago

Hydrofag: Nope, not only campers. Anyone who was having problems beating a particular section of the game would be very frustrated with the fact that eliminating enemies one at a time did not work at all, as they immediately respawned. The only solution was to sprint forward past a checkpoint.

AAACE53466d ago

If i'm correct, because the game world will be opened up, having respawns like that will create one of the same problems that made people dislike Far Cry 2.

So I guess overall it will be a good thing.!

Sarcasm3466d ago

"Only campers knew this probably "

or... those that played the game on Veteran...?

Seriously, if you can beat Veteran by running all the way through, I'm all ears.

Otherwise, respawning enemies is a pain in the bush.

phosphor1123466d ago

Some of you guys are obviously blind. Either that or you suck on Easy as much as you do on Veteran.

It's about time they got rid of that BS. Maybe they'll actually work on an AI. In their previous games, they had no AI (well, they did..but examples to explain how they weren't "intelligent").

They either missed you, or they hit you dead on, the difficulty level determined this. You sit in one spot, they all became cal ripken junior. All throwing perfect nades at your face. It's easy to out-snipe, out shoot anyone but the fact that they kept on spawning, leaving you with less and less ammo, completely removes tactics. I can go on, but its not worth it. I'm glad they are doing this, it is about time.

goflyakite3465d ago

Ha I've beaten it on vet, I never noticed it. Are you not going to believe me?

Or maybe I noticed it the very first time I played it and then just instead of staying in the same spot I moved past the check points. Staying in one spot while you know there are respawning enemies is like banging your head against a wall.

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Alcohog3466d ago

5 games later, its fixed. ha!

zoneofenders3466d ago

well i guess now they can also try to add enemy AI into it...not those stupid shoot bots with god like accuracy and grenade spam......

socomnick3466d ago

"well i guess now they can also try to add enemy AI into it...not those stupid shoot bots with god like accuracy and grenade spam......"

Yes cod 4 had the stupidest ai ever. I remember on veteran mode during that scene where you had to wait for the extration chopper, I remember being in that small shack hiding until the chopper came and getting bombarded by hundreds of grenades while i waited. Ai is beyond stupid.

FantasyStar3466d ago

I thought that the grenade spam is rather humorous and I think they should keep that. Nothing says "WTF" than having grenades fly at you like some damn human magnet. The best part is when I'm clearly behind an enemy AI and he throws a grenade, yet it heads in my direction. That's truly WTF right there.

sak5003466d ago

I hated the non stop AI bots coming and attacking me while non of my team members were getting shot at. I hope the make the AI more realistic and not as so many above pointed out unlimited in numbers and with pin point accuracy from 500 yards away just to hit our character.

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Dark_Overlord3466d ago

that is the 1 thing that p*sses me off with FPS, the seemingly limitless forces of the enemy that can come from a room 1m x 1m in size

tdrules3466d ago

wow Infinitty ward, innovation.
what next non-p2p servers :o

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