Official list of E3 "First Looks"

Sarcastic Gamer reveals the full list of games being shown for the FIRST TIME at E3 2009. This is an enormous list of new games

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Rhezin3435d ago

can't believe that someone can do that with their eyes. If you b!tch slapped that dude in that state you'd blind him.

E743434d ago

i heard there is this new amazing thing called PHOTOSHOP. it is used to edit images, just in case you didnt know


gumgum993434d ago

lol, oh, okay...

its sarcastic gamer >_>

Szarky3434d ago

You're sh!ttin' me! 15 freagin' pages! Awful.

Tony P3434d ago

"Redneck Chicken Riot - Platform Wii: When mad chickens try to take over the world, it’s up to you to take them out."

That's all I need to read to know I need to borrow a Wii in the near future.

FragMnTagM3434d ago

"I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover - Platform DS: The Stars in Hollywood
know where to go to make them look their best. Meet them all as you’re styling
their hair and applying the perfect lipstick and eye-shadow. Don’t stop there- they
need your help choosing the right accessories for a Hollywood movie premiere.
Does that necklace go with those earrings? Paint their fingernails to match their
outfit for that perfect look for either the big night out on the Sunset strip or
shopping on Rodeo Drive. With thirty-six different cosmetics to choose and
combine, it’s all up to you to decide."

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The story is too old to be commented.