Cheating is the name of the game...literally - G&M offers free codes for Texas Cheat 'Em

From the Globe and Mail's Chad sapieha:

"Great news: I might have a download voucher for the new Xbox Live Arcade game Texas Cheat 'Em with your name on it. But to get one, you'll need to answer the skill-testing question at the bottom of this post.

Texas Cheat 'Em-which is also available through the PlayStation Network (though, alas, I haven't any codes for the PlayStation edition)-is an undeniably innovative take on the tired genre of online poker games. It's essentially a fantasy version of Texas Hold 'Em that lets players engage in a wide variety of shenanigans sure to raise the ire of their opponents. You can, for example, steal cards from others' hands, come back into the game after folding, and use x-ray vision to see what others are holding. Heck, you can even pilfer another player's chips if you have fast enough fingers...."

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