9.0 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review : The Ghostbusters: The Videogame is the answer to the hidden dream of millions of kids during the 80 imagined picking up his team of protons and fasten the zipper brown monkey out to save the city assembled in the Ecto-1. This is the premise with which the Texan studio Terminal Reality will have the game and is something that is noted in each of the bits that compose it. What we have once adrenalitic their 8 hours of ectoplasmatic fun is the observation that is as close as we ever be a Ghostbusters.

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tatotiburon3498d ago

wow i didn't expect this review

Gambit073498d ago

Seriously, I'm shocked, I thought it would be in the 6-7 range.

Beast_Master3498d ago

I heard it has online co-op too, I could barely understand the review, but it is looking like a buy for me. Now if Prototype ends up being reviewed well then I will be really broke in June.

antt33498d ago

I'm one of those 80's kids they're talking about. I've said from the beginning, I am looking forward to this game. I never went as far as saying it would be great, but I was certainly hoping it would be.

Now, once I read a couple reviews in English, I'll get a little more excited. :-)

irish-leprecaun3498d ago

another great exclusive on ps3 for now at least!!

IrishRepublicanArmy3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )


edit: funny how eurogamer think this is better than infamous!!

raztad3498d ago

ANSWER: its a multiplat game, so -1 discount to PS3 exclusives doesnt applies. EuroLamers are so lame. BTW, this is being eurogamers.ES (from Spain).

Cupid_Viper_33498d ago

Maybe its just that to them, all games should have guns in them, otherwise its not quite a game in their eyes.

INFAMOUS 7, GhostBusters 9 ???

Or maybe its something more sinister? like, lets actually lower the score for any big profile PS3 games and score the less profiled and talked about ps3 games fairly.

either way, this just proves that they're quite inconsistent with their reviews.

funny how game journalists these days think that their opinions are more important than the experiences a game offers. The best journalists in the world share things in common, they're all Humble and open minded.

GiantEnemyCrab3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Cupid: Or maybe they just didn't think it was worth more than a 7 and maybe Ghostbusters is a better game? I don't know where this false sense of entitlement that if a game is PS3 exclusive it's immediately elevated to a level unattainable by any multiplatform game. There all just subjective opinions anyway.

Cupid_Viper_33498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

1st of all, we are talking about 2 somewhat PS3 exclusive games, Infamous and GhostBusters.

secondly, It's been a fact known for generations now, that if a game is exclusive and first party, it is usually built to take full advantage of the HARDWARE it is being made for, compare to a multiplatform game that is in most cases, built on the lowest common denomitator for all the systems it will run on. EXAMPLE GTA4. there's no reason why GTA4 cant run as well as Uncharted except for the fact that it was multiplat, thats the only reason given the budget for the game.

3rd of all, Nobody but the DEVS themselves are saying that PS3 exclusive that they work on, are technically and visually better than the multiplats and other SYSTEM's exlcusives outthere. its not only the random bloggers outhere, but its people who actually make the games.

BTW here's whom you're defending http://forums.darkfallonlin...

against IGN, 1up, and many others..... GOODLUCK with that man.

oh and also, when it comes to negative reviews, there should be 2 rules, #1, it cannot score a 5 or below unless it's a crappy Wii game or game that looks like it could be done on the Wii.

and #2, game Journalists should have new requirement in their resume, it should be that you have had to actually work on video game before you talk about WHAT A GAME IS WORTH... my opinion of course.

Sarcasm3498d ago

As a child of the 80s, I'm buying this.

phosphor1123498d ago

I will buy this. I used to watch all the GB movies. Awesome stuff too. Great graphics at the time as well.

Cheeseknight283498d ago

Exclusive to PS3? It's still coming out on all platforms at the same time in America. Only Europeans 360/Wii owners got the shaft.

Before I get a ton of disagrees:

"Sony has negotiated a shock 11th-hour deal to publish the official Ghostbusters game throughout PAL territories in June."

Note the PAL part.

And to Cupid: is not the site that gave inFamous a 7/10. That was, which is run by completely different editors.

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Freakwave0033498d ago

If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

The_Devil_Hunter3498d ago

The Devil-Hunter obviously. lol

Sarcasm3498d ago

Former President Bush?

Matpan3498d ago

Depend´s on what is strange for a given neighbourhood... Say it is a place populated by old people and the "strange" thing happening is a hot cheerleader parade... I´d call my friends and have them bring beer ant throw an open-party inviting all the ladies...

There I am... daydreaming again...

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Kal11383498d ago

I wouldn't use "Only on PS3 baby! :)" for a game that's a TIMED exclusive ONLY in Europe. It makes you look silly... :P

kaveti66163498d ago

That just proves without a shadow of a doubt that there are at least 6 people on this site that should, for all intents and purposes, not be able to use the internet.

Nelson M3498d ago

And it dont look good
Who you gonna Call


Bot Bustin makes me feel good

TheMART3498d ago

You go girl!

Bust some PlaystationBots there are many around here since Sony Defense Force invaded N4G

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3498d ago

Good 1;) I'll join you if you like ;-D

talltony3498d ago

There are many around here since sony started beating the competition exclusive wise!

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EternalMesh3498d ago

Zipper Brown Monkey? Seriously?

Literal translations are barely worth the read. Sweet deal on the score though.