Ten New Demon's Souls Screenshots

Following on from the announcement that Demon's Souls will be coming to North America later on this year, some new screenshots from the game have also been released.

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Kyll3468d ago

Holy crap, I only just heard about this game, but already I'm excited! I've been craving a PS3 RPG for FAR too long >D.

UnwanteDreamz3468d ago

This one is supposed to be difficult in a very rewarding way. I can't wait for Demon Souls.

Voozi3468d ago

This game is so hard you're already dead on the box.

mephman3468d ago

Yea, the word from Japan is that it's ridiculously hard. Who doesn't like a challenge though, right? :)

callahan093468d ago

It is very hard. But as you play, you start to figure out what to do for each part and each enemy. You learn the patterns for each enemy, and you memorize what to expect around each corner. But it's tough because when you die you have to start all the way at the beginning of the level and you lose all of the souls that you haven't yet spent (you spend them on items, repairing equipment, and leveling up). If you manage to get all the way back to the location of your death and touch your bloodstain before you die again, then you get back all of the souls you had before. If you die before getting back to the bloodstain, then that bloodstain is gone and those souls lost forever, and your most recent bloodstain replaces it with the most recent quantity of souls that you had lying in wait for you to come and retrieve.

The combat is really fun and deep with parrying, ripostes, dodges, various attack forms, and guarding, etc. with a stamina meter that you really have to watch.

It's a great game.

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Selyah3468d ago

Looks pretty damn decent.

Christopher3468d ago

Definitely a hardcore game where it's easy to get killed and you'll spend most of your time trying to not get hit and looking for any opening in your enemy's defenses rather than hacking and slashing away.

Did have the Asian version (w/English) set to come from, but canceled when I heard it would be coming here anyway.

Can't wait.