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Nitrowolf23435d ago

i was going to import this game, but i can wait tilll fall 09.

gamesR4fun3435d ago

but common sony pace em out a little more our wallets can only take so much abuse b4 xmas lol

Lfmesquite3435d ago

Pretty sweet news. Another game to have an eye on. Reviews say it's pretty damn good.

Xandet3435d ago

I was about to import, too.. was trying ebay for the past couple days with no luck. Guess it was for the best! And knowing Atlus, they'll have some awesome pre-order goodies that come along with a purchase. I can't wait to hear more!

Nitrowolf23435d ago

its on pla asia right now just got new shipment
i'll wait mybe the us will ahve extra stuff

HighDefinition3435d ago

I`ve been think about getting it, Mr.Bun.

Pennywise3435d ago

HD, me and Bun have been playing this game for a couple weeks together. Its really a great game.

When PSN gets xgame chat it will be SO MUCH better.

xwabbit3435d ago

Ima be super honest... at first i though this game would suck but now.... i might have a look at it since its getting great reviews, I wanna see 4 my self, so... until then i wont make a call if its good or bad

UnwanteDreamz3435d ago

Good just saved me some money.

jcgamer3435d ago

bad news for my WALLET!

lol :)

- Ghost of Sparta -3435d ago

Thank you Atlus, for giving me one more reason to wanna tattoo your name on my ass.

Seraphim3435d ago

I think I should have waited, lol. I've only had time to play it for a couple days so I haven't gotten very far in Demons Souls yet. Then again, after inFAMOUS there's a good two to three months of nothing I'm interested in playing so perhaps this will be it... I'm glad to see Atlus grabbed this one for release in NA though...

It's a bloody hard game, but it's also a very solid game. Certainly not for the faint of heart....

Viper73435d ago

Hmm I too was thinking importing the asian version. But importing from US/Canada is a lot cheaper. cant wait!

locos853435d ago

Not only is my wallet taking a beating, but I am running out of shelf space for my games. Should I just buy a CD case and put all the games and books in there? Naa, the clear plastic box is too hot.

dragunrising3435d ago

Very good news. Demon Souls and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will get along just fine together :-)

DA_SHREDDER3435d ago

Yeah I too was thinking about importing this game, today as a matter of fact. Honestly I dont know if I could wait though considering that every other game coming out this winter is gonna already take most of my leisure time. Man oh man, I bet its good, but its bad enough I have too many games to play now. Hmm,, I will see how I feel after I get the platinum trophy from inFamous.

Nikuma3435d ago freaking insane. This is one of those games that really gets my heart pumping and makes me feel reeeally uneasy while progressing. The atmosphere in this game is superb, with nice graphics to boot. Bosses are epic and challenging and you really get a sense of accomplishment when you defeat one. EPIC EPIC EPIC game.

It's a shame most people will put this game down for its difficulty, unique online features, and no voice/text chat during co-op.

nycredude3435d ago

I've been playing this games also, and I can attest that this is a great game for old school gamers and rpg fans.

Christopher3435d ago

Same. Had it on order from and canceled it with this news. Still getting the Siren game on disc from, though.

Chris3993435d ago

on the other hand, I'm glad that more people will get to enjoy this stellar game.

It's so good that I actually would buy it again, especially if it comes in a collector's edition. I've already logged 76 hours into this friggn' game. Easily the best JRPG this decade. Outclasses almost everything else in terms of difficulty, atmosphere and just sheer - punishing - fun.

Very excited for those of you who haven't played it yet, you're in for a real treat! (And some pvp pwnage when in online mode :) )

ThanatosDMC3435d ago

I hope they let us invite our specific friends on to our game.

TheTwelve3434d ago

Looks like I need to keep playing so that when you get it I'll be way too strong for ya.


ThanatosDMC3434d ago

Looks like The Twelve will invade our games and kill us. Btw, Pennywise plays the game everyday. When, i was on my Armored Core 4 Answer marathon he was playing Demon's Souls nonstop too.

SaiyanFury3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Good sh!t, I'm glad this game is coming to North America. I'm kind of surprised that Sony isn't publishing it themselves, but good on Atlus to bring it to the western audience. I bought the Asian/English version on the day of it's release and it WILL satisfy those looking for a hardcore fix. I've been playing the game and it is hard. And the online functionality is great. If you're in your physical body you can summon others to fight with you to defeat a stage or it's boss. If you're in Soul form, leave your Soul Sign and others can summon you to help them defeat a stage and boss. Demon's Souls is an amazing game of severe complexity and will reward you for every inch of progress you make.

Pennywise3434d ago

ThanatosDMC, you sure do love that Armored Core4!!! lol

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ShawnCollier3435d ago

Atlus seems to be picking up a lot of good games lately. ;)

mephman3435d ago

Yea, they're on the up. :p

raztad3435d ago

Someone need to fill the void left by SE. Good very good news for Action RPGs lovers. I wasnt prepared for TWO news rpgs this winter, now I need to choose between this baby and WKC, besides Persona remake for my PSP and some other coming. End of Eternity is on the horizon as well. I think the rpg dry is coming to an end.

Christopher3435d ago

It's not your typical RPG, it's mostly a hardcore hack and slash type of game. It does have a good story, but like some Atlus DS games, it's not for the faint of heart and can feel very repetitive after a while due to the length of the battles and/or how easy it is to die.

Why o why3435d ago

whas the chances if it making its way to europe

mephman3435d ago

I really hope someone finds it in their hearts to publisher it in Europe, but it could depend on how well it sells in North America.

Selyah3435d ago

Indeed more than likely it will depend on the sales in NA as you said, still heres hoping though looks like a proper hardcore game don't get all too many of them that often.

Christopher3435d ago

But they've only done languages for Asia, Japan, and English speakers. This was out of the gate as well. I'd assume it would make its way there depending on sales in the U.S.

Still, you can import from Asia (not Japan) and the U.S. in the future and play it without issue. It's $65 on right now, not including S&H.

Lumbo3435d ago

Just import it, no problem whatsoever.

MiloGarret3434d ago

Yes, I will import this baby, my mouth waters when I see it played. I can honestly say that this game is EXACTLY what I've been wanting for a long while.

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pwnsause3435d ago

well that will quell people who wanted this game to come to NA.

kurochi3435d ago

or until we get confirmation about WKC from Level 5.

Baka-akaB3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

what confirmation do you need ? It's happening , and there are even vids of the english build already .

All that's missing is a more precise date , probably during e3 or soon after

Nikuma3435d ago

Is the surge of complaining about the game when it hits the NA masses. I have a feeling that Demon's souls message boards are gonna be a mess for a while when this game hits NA.

Shane Kim3435d ago

Please bring it to Europe. We love JRPG's MOAR!!

Baba19063435d ago

we do we really really do. if it comes to europe im buying it for sure.