Gamedaily: Infamous Review

Gamedaily writes: "Star Wars meets Grand Theft Auto in Sony's exclusive open world video game, inFAMOUS. After a mysterious explosion rocks Empire City and imbues Cole MacGrath with electrical powers (more like Force Lightning), you set off on a journey to not only get to the bottom of the incident, but also realize Cole's destiny. The decision to perform good or evil deeds drives the experience, as you gain access to new missions and interact with non-player characters in unique ways (will you become hero or villain?)."

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Lfmesquite3131d ago

Don't have the huge expectations or anything that I did for Killzone 2, but it's just another solid PS3 exclusive to enjoy and add to my collection.

mastiffchild3131d ago

GD usually don't rate PS3 games so this is a really good score imo. I fully expect a great score from Edge for inFAMOUS.

themyk3131d ago

no i can't. i fucving hate that goddamn term.

Dragun6193131d ago

Nice, 3 down
Killzone 2, MLB09: The Show, and Infamous
& 6 more left to go!
Uncharted 2, M.A.G., Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5 ,and God of War 3. Saving the best for last, Can't wait!

Sony keeps on producing Quality Titles!

BWS19823131d ago

I bet Eurogamer already has those other games scored, less work that way.

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Dead_Cell3131d ago

Saying AAA isn't something you only do at the dentists.

cmrbe3131d ago

well how about AaaaAaaaAaaa?.

- Ghost of Sparta -3131d ago

Eurogamer thought they could start a trend. Unfortunately for them, they failed.

raztad3131d ago

As some folks from Eurogamer Spain said, Eurogamers UK are a bunch of x360 fanboys and they are responsible for the infamous inFAMOUS review. What a bunch of clowns, trying to spew BS about this awesome game.

BYE3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Eurogamer reviews shouldn't count in meta rankings.
They're just messing up the stats lol

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Shane Kim3131d ago

wooot? a 9 from gamedaily? Didn't expect that.

talltony3131d ago

How Mart wont comment on these kinds of scores for this game

jBat173131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

but since it's a ps3 exclusive you'll see some biased reveiws from eurogaymer, edge, and other less sites..

gamedaily does fair and balanced reveiws, i trust them along with ign and giant bomb

and oh yeah, jaggies disappear if you use HDMI! i did a test using component hdmi yesterday and that's what i observed..

too bad, i don't have the means to capture screen shots but you see it for yourself.. use HDMI when playing this game and you won't notice the jaggies

themyk3131d ago

? do people with hdmi cables choose to not use them sometimes ? im fairly certain that anybody with an hdtv has and uses hdmi cables. if not quit being cheap bastards. they are cheap as hell.

and DO NOT get fooled by expensive cables (monster) an hdmi is an hdmi.

cmrbe3131d ago

Infamous will make the same impact as Uncharted did back in 2007.

It will not get universal praise as it should.

It will sell close to 3 million or perhaps more.

But more importantly. PS3 fans will be treated to another truly amazing game in the vein of Uncharted.

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