Everquest II: upcoming changes confirmed by producer

Today's producer letter by Bruce Ferguson confirms some upcoming changes for EverQuest II and its players.

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baraka0073469d ago

eq2 is a great game and keeps getting better but the majority of people who play it are mean and weird. The chat channels are filled with people telling you to kill yourself or rape your mom (much more so than normal online games) When I went out to harvest items for my tradeskilling last week I was followed by a troubled looking person riding a unicorn dressed all in hot pink who would follow me to every node and would get right in my face... Now this wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't continue to do this, not saying anything or responding to my tells at all, for over an hour! I couldn't go anywhere without them following me as close as they could. It was creepy and made me just log out... The next day I tried to log in and play but the person was still there and started doing it again so I logged out. Next day once again still there but this time when I asked why they wouldn't stop following me they talked and kept saying they wanting to anal rape me and that I was so pretty... so I just haven't come back because it's just too weird for my tastes. Im not paying 15 bucks a month to be stalked by what seems to be very crazy people.