Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos - Debut Trailer

Namco Bandai published the debut trailer from Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos.

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Chris3993434d ago

It actually looks fun and flashy to play. Though unless someone seriously has a brain aneurysm one day at a North American publishing company, this will never leave the East though. Sad.

Atlus is just crazy enough to publish something like this. My fingers are crossed.

GameGambits3434d ago

This game looks about as good as the Onichambra Bikini Warriors or w/e the crap that -10/10 game was. That game was so bad it should give ME points and money for its time lol.

Seriously sex doesn't sell if done in a dumb manner. Take Metal Gear Online for example. You can make a guy or girl character in that, and that's the only game I've ever made a girl character in over a guy. Why? They get some better looking duds, better things to say to teams with the Codec, smaller target to hit, and yes my lady is a good looking pixel chick.

It's all about maturity and style.

P.S. Rosemary is the hottest pixel woman ever in a game. Raiden I is the jealous. :(

Mandaspt3434d ago

For now only in Japan. :(

qface643434d ago

i doubt it will ever leave japan

TheBand1t3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )


Tony P3434d ago

That is some skimpy "armour".

JD_Shadow3434d ago

Funny, because I was looking at that pic for about ten straight minutes, and I didn't see ANY armor.

MajesticBeast3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

nice gameplay (boobies).

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The story is too old to be commented.