Major and Underappreciated Trend-setters of Gaming "Most people would define a forerunner as those things the Covenant keep fussing for in the Halo series (your Gods are like cake, icky ones – and the cake is an chocolate-layered lie!). Going by a more logical notion, forerunners of gaming would suggest those that kick-started a majority of the trends we see today. But they also include games that threw concepts at us first, some raw and archaic, others classic and oh-so inviting.

"Technological achievements also figure especially in the department of art-style and rudimentary. Innovators and the categories or genres spawned have also been intangible and inseparable – nonetheless, we detail the different categories of forerunners, as well as how their mechanics have manifested in some current and critically acclaimed titles. Almost everyone knows about Final Fantasy, Doom and whatnot, and how they revolutionised gaming so we thought we'd touch on some lesser known (or remembered) games and their effect on modern gaming."

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