Keeping An Eye On The Biggest E3 Rumors

CriousGamer Writes...This month has been a roller-coaster ride for the gamers all over the world, the reason "Rumors' yes we "Gamers' even get hyped over headlines that has been tagged with the word 'Rumor'.

As we stepped into the month of May with E3 2009 just 35 days away, websites all over the (World Wide Web) started to spread 'Rumors' that they received throw there reputed sources or (cough-made up sources-cough) anyways we decided that we'll create a post featuring the biggest Rumors that were spread regarding the E3 2009 event and once the E3 is done with, we'll revisit this post to see which ones of these Rumors transformed into reality.

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Andrez923466d ago

You forgot nintendos "big game"

Legendary-Status3466d ago

I put it like this, SONY, NINTENDO, MICROSOFT IS SAVING THEIR ACE for E3 and I cant wait...