IGN: Pre-E3: Need for Speed Nitro Hands-On

IGN is happy to report, then, that Need for Speed Nitro is a complete reboot for the series on Wii and one that they think will please a lot of racing fans. They recently saw a single level of the racer at the publishers EA3 event and have remained under embargo about the details for the past couple weeks. This time around, EA created two completely separate versions of NFS: one, Shift, for 360 / PS3 and the other, Nitro, just for Wii. The Nintendo build was developed out of EA's Montreal studio, which has experience working with Wii and it shows.

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Shnazzyone3468d ago

hmmm the wiimote pointing forward method of driving does sound kinda cool. I would like a nice NFS for wii. Still he didn't talk enough about the customisation of vehicles and if there is damage physics. If you can smash and roll over and AUDI then i'm in.

SpoonyRedMage3468d ago

Hmm, sounds interesting but I think they need to put in online. Even if it's only racing against randomers.