Craigslist shows E3 exhibitors need male models, little people to 'run amok'

Superannuation notes two recent Craigslist postings for E3 2009: One seeks a male promo model, while the other needs two little people to "run amok" outside the convention center. We know times aren't easy, so if you've got a hot body, the model pay is ... $200 a day?! Times are tough -- or is beauty cheap in LA? The model is expected to work seven hours for the three days of the show. A perfect cruising opportunity for gay models with a geek fetish.

The two little people will be expected to be under 4' and "dress in costume and run amock [sic]." The pay is $80 an hour and they'll be expected to work six hours for four days.

Totals: Hot male model: $600; Little People: $1,920.

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