A man afraid to run away: Ars reviews inFamous

Ars writes: "The demo was good, and the full game is a powerful experience in what it is to be a hero, or a villain. With strong characters, beautiful graphics, and a good selection of things to do and see, this is one of the best open world titles in recent memory."

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DA_SHREDDER3472d ago

Videogamer says the game gets too repetitive, but this guy says "Solid variety in missions" and "Much to do and explore, this isn't a game that will be over soon". Hmmm who do I trust? Someone who actually has substance behind their sentences or someone who is just trying to find a reason to give a game a lower score? You dont have to be intelligent to figure that one out.

Trollimite3472d ago

i wish publishers would create n4g accounts and, call reveiwers out on there BS.

this reveiw and eurogamers reveiw cant co exist. one of them is wrong

Dead_Cell3472d ago

Wouldn't be accused of being Biased if the reviews weren't such polar opposites on the content of the game at times.
We don't want to know if YOU enjoyed the game,only what it does and how well it does it.