IncGamers: UFC 2009 Undisputed Review [Xbox 360]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson checks out THQ's MMA fighter:

"Now an international brand with an ever-increasing fan base, UFC has grown through its clever combination of brute strength, technical expertise and slick presentation. It deserves a game which understands this balance; a game with suitably deep fighting mechanics wrapped up in an authentic package. And, on their first attempt, it seems like THQ and Yukes have delivered."

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thetamer3493d ago

Very good review, very informative and it looks like a good fighter actually.

Leord3493d ago

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot! :P Nice review, informative, well written, blah blah... ;)

Leord3493d ago

8.2 ey? Well, I haven't played boxing games since PS1 and Sykes. I might check this out.

Fyzzu3493d ago

Not really boxing, but it looks decent :)

Pennywise3493d ago

I bought it last night and thoroughly enjoyed kicking my cousins arse over and over.

syrinx3493d ago

Yeh this doesn't actually look half bad for a UFC title. May have to add it to the list of games I need to get :(