Braid Now Available For Mac

Mac users don't always get all the games that come to the PC but today they've received a damn good one. Time manipulator platformer Braid is now available through digital distribution platform Greenhouse and will hit other services soon.

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somekindofmike3470d ago

YA!!! I Cheer alone...

P.S. why is this in the xbox 360 section, I know there is no Mac section, but Mac is technically a PC so that section would make much more sense.

EvilCackle3470d ago

It's a 360/PC game originally. *shrug* Yeah, the site could do with a Mac section. I suspect it would be mostly vacant, though.

somekindofmike3470d ago

lol, I realise it was a 360 game first, but Mac's are technically PC's, the section doesn't say 'windows' A Mac section would be pretty quiet, but probably not as quiet as the Gamecube sections :)