Home gets Resistance space

CVG: Sony has just let us know that Home is getting a Resistance space. Here are the first details.

Here's the full release:

We knew that the Chimera advanced swiftly but we didn't know it was this bad: the news just in is that the power-hungry wretches have attacked PlayStation Home, the free, interactive space for PS3 users.

This new area in Home features a recreation of the Chicago Railway Station level from the current PS3 hit Resistance 2, which sees America under siege from the Chimeran hordes.


From the article: There's a poster in the space displaying a promotional code - and the first 3,000 users to redeem the code will get a free Resistance T-shirt for their customisable PlayStation Home avatar.

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ape0073467d ago

home is growing each and every week\day

Shadow Flare3467d ago

I haven't been in home for a while but i may check this out. I just get fed up with the way you have to queue up to play pool or bowl and stuff. Its a virtual would. Why the hell do i have to queue? Why am i being denied the activity i want to do when i go into home? Its such a simple thing that they should fix because i think it puts off alot of people, like myself. And don't think i hate home, i think it's great. Its just things like that which annoy me

CaseyRyback_CPO3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

It would be impossible for everyone to play at the same time..... There are different instances for spaces, if you go to one that is full. Join again. You aren't being denied anything, you cant just cut in the front of a line in real life, nor can you do so in a virtual one. Getting turned off by not instantly getting to play anything in a public space is a bit Diva-ish.

Shadow Flare3467d ago

No, here's the problem, the home team wanted to avoid using numbered lobbies like a chatroom does. Or yahoo pool for instance. When im bored on the xmb, sometimes i think, i want to play pool in home. I go in. Every, single, time, it is full up. I cannot get a table. Same with bowling. I want to play pool. I can't. So i quit. And thats me being a diva is it? I had the same problem with the EA car race. Queueing is a problem that should be non-existant in an online world. I don't queue to shop on And frankly, thats what put me off home. So sue me

chaosatom3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

But trying playing poker, you can always find a table there.

Pool is sometimes hard to get in, but some other times lot of tables are open. Everyone that wants to play should have access to them.

Dead_Cell3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Completely agree,exact same reasons I don't use it often.
Went on it for fifteen minutes last night,saw how packed all the games were.
So I went outside,had a debate for a few minutes about how many inches are in a metre,advised a person playing Draughts that "Bishop to Queen" is his best bet,laughed at some nerd following this woman about then signed off.

Nineball21123467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

@ Dead_Cell - LOL!

That's classic. Yeah, unfortunately... that about sums it up for Home at this point. It'll get better.

Bubbles for making me laugh.

Edit: for the disagree(s)... I promise, I really did laugh.

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ian723467d ago

Home is good for free, but the queueing for games does need fixing.
BTW do we get this Resistance space in the UK as we are missing loads that the US have got.

chaosatom3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

cool, i'll check it out.

DanSolo3467d ago

Having to que for games in an online world is just plain retarded, it goes against the whole point of it!

European Home is waaay below the other regions and is quite honestly a bit of a joke, we basically get the old mouldy scraps off the other regions tables.

I suppose when all is said and done it is free so theres no point in people getting too p!ssed off about it. But still Europe has a large PS3 install base and to give us substandard service compared to other regions is both bad business, and not likely to win Sony too much goodwill, if that standard of treating europe as a somehow "lesser region" continues.