Spong: inFamous Review

Spong writes: "inFamous. Frankly, it's difficult to know where to start, given the size of the damn thing. Wait! I said 'damn' didn't I? That makes it sound bad. It's not bad – quite the opposite, in fact. Argh! Brain fart! When not knowing where to start, the start seems like a good idea.

In the beginning, there was light. A big blue expanding light. Then there's a great big acne pock on the Empire City's landcape with Cole, you're new bezzie mate, staggering around looking like he's spent a bit too long sniffing turps. Then there's a huge great massive game in which you run around with an ever-increasing number of superpowers, being good and/or evil, free-running, exploring, feeling cool as all f**k and generally having a rollicking good time."

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Shane Kim3466d ago

Well these guys werent ashamed of telling the truth.

L-Teezy3466d ago

my mind has been made. now that the reviews are flowing in, its a confirmed purchase for me now. ;-)

Shane Kim3466d ago

Same here the game gets alot of end 8's and early 9's and that is good enough for me. Day one.

callahan093466d ago

This is the kind of review I like. Tell me if you had a good time with it or not... I don't want to know whether it's a perfect game in every way, I just want to know what sort of person is going to have how much fun with it. If you describe my tastes and say someone like me is going to like it a lot, then I'll buy it. That's what I'm looking for when I read a review! Good show, Spong. I'll definitely be buying inFamous.