Is A High-Definition Wii In The Pipeline?

Connor Beaton writes: "Rumours of an Wii with high definition graphics have been prevalent for quite a while now, with some sources even claiming to having these rumours confirmed by an official Nintendo representative, even though an official announcement has been mysteriously absent. With E3 2009 up and coming, however, could Nintendo be saving a "Wii HD" announcement for the event?"

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ape0073133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

maybe nintendo is gearing up for a new next gen,hardcore wii hd

and the wii original wii remain selling,both consoles can sell together,ahem..coexist

reply please and let's have a nice discution guys.

feel free to agree and disagree

darthv723133d ago

Isnt the ATI chip in the wii capable of Hd resolutions? I would think so but Nintendo has it restricted for some reason. Much like its ability to play dvd movies. How can it have a dvd drive and not play movies???

MS was able to unlock more resolution options with a dashboard update so why can't nintendo? I am sure they could at least opt to allow 1080i as that is really the same as 540p. That isnt much of a jump from 480p but it would be a step in the right direction. The component cables are capable of handling that so I am betting they could make a fw to up the res.

ChickeyCantor3133d ago


Their reason, and this is what they said, its not what im saying, is that according to their research Japan was mainly using SD TV's.
So they believed HD-resolutions aren't really needed...(sure it will change...they must adapt)

" How can it have a dvd drive and not play movies??? "
It actually can but it needs the software...thats all.
Not sure why they left it out though.

But lets be honest the only benefit would be sharper and less jaggies...but its not like the games would suddenly have other shaders or something.

Soon ill have a bigger HD tv, so yeah the update would be nice, but its not adding much i guess.

KruLLit3133d ago

I think they left out the DVD playback because of the license cost.

PinkUni3132d ago

I thought the specs didnt matter


DeadlyFire3132d ago

A Wii 2 or Wii HD or Nintendo "insert random name" Nintendo never keeps same names for a console what are you people thinking?

In 2010/2011 a new Nintendo console will emerge.

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addnewman3133d ago

and its a good topic
i dont think there thinking about the next wii for a long time seeing as there still making millions without a slow down (if you dont count japan) but the thing is obviously not alot of people will be buying wiis anymore if they already bought it but now people in japan have there wii's they decide they want a ps3 but on topic there still bringing in the money with these new game and hardware ideas

Roper3163133d ago

A hi-def Wii with no motion controls and I would more then likely get it but I already have a Wii and it is buried in my closet due to the aforementioned motion controller.

Ellessdee3133d ago

"a high-def wii with no motion controls"

STOP RIGHT THERE! now laugh.

addnewman3133d ago

you just blatantly stated "i will take graphics over gameplay anyday"
have fun with thatttttt

ChickeyCantor3133d ago

Actually what is more amazing is that he thinks Nintendo will actually drop this concept while its solid, and the audience proves it.

It works, maybe not in his vision, but it works.

Their next console will most likely be HD featured(their tv stations are jumping full hd soon, and so japanese consumers will go out an buy HD tv's), and Motion plus will be build in for sure in the nunchuck and wii-mote.
Don't think they will ditch their GCN controller, or the gamepad at all.

So if the controls are really bothering you, i say you will miss out on the next console as well...

Well its up to you =)

II Necroplasm II3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Huh? I don't know about that

Master_Blaster3133d ago

I know I've got something big and brown and hi def in MY pipeline.

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