Darwinia+ - Deep And Dirty: Part 2

Byron Atkinson-Jones @ Gamasutra: "It has been a few weeks since the last entry on optimising Darwinia+ on the Xbox 360. Most of that time has been spent hunting down any possible areas to speed up the code base and basically shaving as many cycles as I can from the frame time in order to get above the threshold of 30 frames per second. It's been a tough time but the speed-freak inside me loved every minute of it.

There are many ways that Darwinia+ can be optimised but one of the most obvious is to make use of the three cores that the Xbox 360 has, currently the game is just using one ofthem.

Rather than go gung-ho and turn everything you can find into a thread on a different core I sat down to look at the areas of the game for something that could be easily broken onto a separate thread without major impact (and therefore less risk) and would reap the most benefits."

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