1UP: Infamous Review

Thierry Nguyen: "Simply put, InFamous is the kind of game that when I'm not playing it, I'm constantly thinking about doing so. Heck, I already know what's going to happen right after I finish this sentence: I'm going to go back and play more as "superhero lightning cop" Cole."

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s8anicslayer3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

So the Reviews are puring in , great scores, I can't wait till next week

barom3494d ago

Kinda surprised, this guy is really picky and rarely gives high scores. I think he gave Dead Space like B- back in the day. Rarely seen him gave anything above B+.

Nathan1233494d ago

1UP-"Simply put, InFamous is the kind of game that when I'm not playing it, I'm constantly thinking about doing so. Heck, I already know what's going to happen right after I finish this sentence: I'm going to go back and play more as "superhero lightning cop" "

In simple words.... Buy the game to PS3 gamers... and buy a Ps3 to 360 gamers.... Time to move on.

Shadow Flare3494d ago

Notice how much the reviewer enjoyed the game? Notice its sold zero copies at the moment? Here's the clincher: high sales doesn't make a game any better. But you guys will still brand it an awful game if it doesn't sell 5 million on its first weekend. But hey, thats an xbox fanboy for ya

50CALheadshot3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


expect alot of hate for this game when it comes out.

i see the gaming community has been split up into two groups:

Group 1: gamers that play next gen exclusives

Group 2: Lamers that play sales, because quite frankly...there is nothing available on the other box that can match what sony REPEATEDLY pumps out of its studios.

chaosatom3494d ago

Didn't see that coming.

raztad3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

WTF? I was just ranting against EuroLamers review. What a joke those guys at Eurogamers.

1up score is just more reasonable. This games deserves, easily, to be in the lows to medium 9's.



True. Bunch of haters those are. I still cant believe the clowns at edge gave KZ2 a 7 and (mediocre at best) Fear2 a 8. Give me a break.

Btw, nothing is gonna stop me to get this game. Just waiting for it. Preordered on Amazon, I already was notified about the U2 code :D. Sweet!

Lifendz3494d ago

An A- from 1up? That's like a 9.5 anywhere else. Can't wait for this one.

Nathan1233494d ago

We all know the kind of jerks that review games at sites like Eurogamers and Edge.. They give low scores to put their sites on the map. If reviewers at edge wouldn't have given a 7 to KZ2, then no one would even know what Edge was... Same implies to Eurogamers... It's better to just ignore such stupid reviews.

These guys just hate a PS3 exclusive that is good.

Premonition3494d ago

Dont forget the demo drops tomorrow on PSN :)

Ghoul3494d ago

I have it in germany :) us import

Absolutly AWESOME game

Ldubbz3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I think these labels tend to be overused, but nonetheless, this game does not currently have "AAA-status".

Stands at 86 (13 reviews) according to Metacritic...

chrisjc3494d ago

If it's a AAA title you can expect:

Eurogamer to give it a 7
Edge to give it a 7 (unless they get paid off, like GOW2)
1UP to generally give it high reviews (Punchout, etc)

Danja3494d ago

Another great game , well done Sucker Punch and Sony .. cant wait to try out the demo... 2morrow... day one buy.

Ldubbz3494d ago

I see the disagrees, but why? Besides just seeing its a comment from yours truly and feeling compelled to knock me down a peg?

Was there something i lied about? An inaccuracy?

Oh, my bad. I was off telling the truth again. My mistake....

pixelsword3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

And what does an AA or A game mean? is a A game still worth buying? What's below an A game? B?

If there's not textbook definition of AAA in terms of videogame ratings (which there isn't), then you're using a term that other people use to plainly discredit or overly hype a game based on scores and not the actual quality or likability of the game. AAA has a usable definition, but not to the gaming world.

What most people like you don't know is that the AAA term came from Stock ratings and not something that directly correlates from a score. No offense, but every time I hear or read "AAA", I see someone who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

Second of all, Metacritic is useless because they don't use the same websites to establish a stable score. They will often use websites inconsistently to get a score lower or higher than average. Furthermore, they don't consistently correct scores when they change.

If Metacritic

-used the same web sites for all games listed

-Corrected scores when they changed on all games

Then Metacritic would be valid. Until then, they are not.

I didn't put a disagree down, but now that I went through this I think I will.


Halo Wars is sitting on a 82

Fable II is sitting on a 89

By your logic, those games are failures. Metacritic puts 75 and above in their Green Category, which by all means makes it playable/purchasable, so at least stick to that if you're going to pull from metacritic.

Major_Tom3494d ago

Alone is worth disagrees and minus bubbles Ldubbz.

DaTruth3494d ago

So what was the reason he forgave those technical problems in GTA4, and every other open-world game? Because seriously, what open-world game has mastered those problems?

Most people don't bring those technical flaws up when it comes to open-world games because it's a given. Except in Crysis! I seriously don't remember those being brought up in the GTA4 reviews and this game has far better graphics!

lsujester3494d ago

Ldubbz get disagrees because he has Kobe as his avatar. Why does that deserve disagrees? Because the Lakers absolutely stole Game 1 from a Nugget team who outplayed them all night.

Sarcasm3494d ago

Wow, another great score. This can only mean one thing.


Ldubbz3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Denver fan? Yeah, the Lakers will take em right from under you, gotta watch them boys...

@ Pixelsword

You sure did put a whole lotta words in there that I never did. Alls I said was "AAA-status" which everyone in N4G considers to be a game that averages 90+ on Metacritic.

I never said I agreed with that assessment, which is why I opened up by saying that these labels are overused. Perhaps you didnt read that part...

More importantly, you have people acting like this game is the 2nd coming, when apparently its not. I keep hearing in N4G about superior PS3 graphics on display here, but the reviews say otherwise. That doesnt make this game or any others less enjoyable. Im just keeping things honest. Some people obviously would rather I didn't. TS ;)

You assume I think games that score under 90 are a fail, but I never said that. Halo Wars is a great game. Why you mentioned that and Fable 2 is beyond me, I never once said anything about the 360 or its games in comparison. Im a PS3 owner too you know. Not that it should matter.

@ Major Tom

Spoiling peoples fun? LMAO at that one. The only way I could do by telling the truth? I never said anything that wasnt true, other people did. If you wanna go drink the Kool-Aid, thats fine by me. Go backslap each other in a forum or on PSN. But dont blame me for correcting other peoples' BS.

pixelsword3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

because you wanted an explanation... they tend to be longer than the posed question from time to time.

1. All because everyone in N4G considers a game that's 90+ on Metacritic doesn't mean that's some sort of universal standard. That's the problem with your "telling the truth" about inFAMOUS being an "AAA" caliber game: if there's no standard definition, you can take a term and twist it to whatever serves your needs. I know what "AAA" means, so when I use it, I am at least going by something that can be referenced in the real world.

AAA in terms of bonds is referenced to it's default risk: which means the risk that companies or individuals will be unable to pay the contractual interest or principal on their debt obligations.

AAA simply means that AAA bonds are thought to have virtually no risk of default.

If the game makes supreme hype that the game will be very enjoyable or that the graphics will be the best on consoles (which would be its debt obligations), and it is fulfilled (no risk of default), then it's AAA.

Killzone by that definition would be AAA: it fulfilled it's graphical obligations and exceeded them.

The "problem" with this is that it takes the power away from critics and puts the responsibility of fulfilling your word back into the hands of the devs.

Heck, I'm going to make a blog of this probably in a day or so just to get this stupid AAA thing out in the open.

2. When you say "you have people acting like this game is the 2nd coming" I never mentioned the game while I posted to you, so I think you must have misread the comment. I suggest that you may want to read it over :)

3. When you said "You assume I think games that score under 90 are a fail, but I never said that" I never said that you said it was a fail, but you said it wasn't AAA, so to clarify, I stated along the lines of "What is AAA?" For you to bring up the score of 89 and "not AAA" clearly meant that the game deviated from some sort of quality that was not clearly defined. I sought to get the definition of it.

MNicholas3493d ago

Blows away GTAIV, crackdown, assassin's creed, etc...

Montrealien3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Stop making it about the best exclussives and what console its on. It is not about that. And if you think it is, no matter how politely you express your (enthusiasm) it belongs in the open zone. If you are a gamer, all that should matter is that you play great games on the console you have. And this is a great game.

Great score, this game deserves it. I have been lucky enough to already have my copy and I must say, it is truly an amazing game. And it ends there. All the games and exclussives the (enthusiast) feel the need to parade around in the name of the stupid console war just makes them look like little brand ******. IF you have a PS3 you must play this game, if you don`t I suggest you consider buying one for this game.

and for gods sake will you people (you know who you are) pls stop bringing up the biased media crap. They are opinions and the only one that truly matters is your own, unless your self esteem is so low you need to have them validated by some dude writting a review.

nycredude3493d ago

AAA IMO does and should only mean that a game has great high production values and not just a run of the mill cash grab game.

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HighDefinition3494d ago

Great score for a Great game.

Shane Kim3494d ago

Great score. Can't wait.

talltony3494d ago

Just wondering but are you considering buying this game or are you only getting prototype??

deadreckoning6663494d ago

If it gets over 90% on META, GAMERANKINGS, AND GAMESTATS like MGS4 and Killzone 2, hell I'll buy it. MGS4 and KZ2 are AAA titles right? So INFAMOUS should have no problem getting over 90% if its as good as everyone says it is right. LOL, let me know when this happens :)

How the hell do u know who has a PS3 or not. Why not ask him for his PSN name first and and check him out before rushing in with idiotic unproven comments like that one.

PopEmUp3494d ago

talking about stupid people before they open their mouth, have u see mart post his Ps3 with his name written, but still he's an Xbot who say sheit about anything Ps3 relate even though he owned one (I think) which he never gonna used, I bet is his cousin or friend(s)(if he had any)PS3 and pretend he owned one (he wished for a PS3 but never came true last Xmast sad thing).

After all Mart is the PC Gangsters or Microsoft Ceo which he never get paid :(

Rhezin3494d ago

can't wait to play this one. After InFamous, for me it's Trine, Fat Princess, Flash and Thunder KZ2 map pack, and Prototype. JESUS CHRIST I'M GOING TO BE BROKE BY THE END OF THIS YEAR!

unrealgamer583494d ago

yeah im looking forward to this one