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Videogamer: "inFamous might not be the triple-A exclusive we wanted it to be, but it's still a fine game and well worth adding to your PS3 collection. Had the first half of the game matched the far more entertaining later sections (where the super powers really come into their own) and the story been a bit more engaging throughout we'd be looking at one of the best open-world action games of all time. As we said, being a super hero isn't as easy as it sounds, but if Sucker Punch gets another chance it may well be able to create one of the very best."

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unrealgamer583499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

itttsss ggrrreeaatttt

Queers of War3499d ago

8 was the average score Halo Wars got. And guess what? It's your highest rated game this year. Flopbox 360. Gtfo.

Obama3499d ago

I know right, this game has 8.7 average so far, which outscores every single 360 exclusives in 09 so far.

talltony3499d ago

I am going to post "flopstation 3" in every article where infamous gets an 8 or lower because I am a xbot looser!
Grow the hell up and go play some real games while your at it.!

DA_SHREDDER3499d ago

It got dropped 2 points for having dull missions that are repetitive. LOL! I wonder if this guy ever played a video game before this one? This is probably the first generation of games this guy has ever played. Every game makes you do the same stuff over and over again. Even the ones that change it up just end up doing things in different sequences.

ptotoy3499d ago

wonder what they score gta 4.. what they gave that POS a 10 and the DLC a 9.. fvck this, media is so biased against ps3 games.. only a few are trustworthy - ign and that's it

SL1M DADDY3499d ago

And then they knock this game down 2 points for repetitive missions? Pretty sad if you ask me. I don't care much for reviews but it's sad when you can see just how blatantly bad some reviewers actually are. Pathetic.

3499d ago
Pennywise3499d ago

Come on deadly, GTA4 was a repetitive turd just like assasins creed. Just like most sandbox games.

Its easy to call people blind fanboys, but look at my trophies. GTA was beat and I hated it. My cousin had to finish it off for me. I already drove somewhere, picked someone up, went and killed someone, and then drove my buddy home too many times.

Sniper mission was cool, but GTA and its crappy autoaim online makes me sick.

Rifle-Man3499d ago

I'm never buying another game that involves playing darts ever again!

Christopher3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Not quite sure how anyone could say that GTA wasn't repetitive. You either had drive missions, attack missions, or a combination of the two. Now, perhaps it didn't feel repetitive because everything was tied together with a story that you could agree with and follow, but you could say the same with inFamous. I think the issue is that people are feeling a huge disconnect from playing an electricity spewing guy who goes around and helps various neighborhoods and defeats the bad guys compared to playing a normal guy who goes around offing people or getting his friends out of trouble.

The funny thing is that the repetitiveness of the game is from them doing side missions, which are not a part of the main storyline. This would be like complaining about the repetitiveness of playing pool, bowling, darts, or dating in GTA 4.

raztad3499d ago

GTA4 is repetitive and dull as hell. I just cant stand the hang outs with "friends", even the storyline missions while interesting are not exciting or fun. The combat is gears-like fare and gets old very quickly. Im still in the middle, I just want to finish it off so I' ll be all inFAMOUS. If something can say what is wrong with the review process is the GTA4 fiasco. Not more than an 8/10 from me.

Getting back to inFAMOUs, some degree of repetitiveness is expected on this kind of game. But if missions are exciting, fun why should I complain?

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DA_SHREDDER3499d ago

Okay, I dont know what you meant by calling me a cow, but that was funny. Just so you know me and my 3 year old son have been playing the demo for over an hour today, and every mission is totally different from each other, so this repetitive thing this guy is talking about makes no sense. Im sure if it was a 360 exclusive it would have gotten a higher score, but no matter. I own both consoles and unlike them, I appreciate what each console has to offer.

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