NFS: NITRO - 7 Screen Shots

EA has released a couple of screen shots from its new NFS title, Need For Speed: NITRO. 4 of them come from the Wii and the remaining 3 from the DS.

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Uncle Rico3466d ago

It's Wii and DS...what do you expect?

MegaPowa3466d ago

The graphics are fine for a ds game that has to be fast paced like this

Uncle Rico3465d ago

This is true. Our comments just are a bit negative because we were accustomed to SHIFT. It's obviously great considering the system it's on. The trailer also looked pretty exciting..might actually be a worthy Wii racer... but much is left to be seen.

D4RkNIKON3465d ago

Are these new cars for Mario Kart 64? I mean these are the same maps tho right?

D4RkNIKON3352d ago

This game graphicly sucks

Bathyj3465d ago

Anyone else realise there are nearly as many (maybe more) versions of NFS then there are of Madden?

I LOL AT U3465d ago

NFS should be on the Next Gen Console (the only one being the PS3).

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