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Submitted by s8anicslayer 2453d ago | review

Hooked Gamers Review: Rag Doll Kung-Fu: Fists of Plastic

To call Rag Doll Kung Fu a game is a bit of a stretch, and to call it a good game is a total lie. In fact, it might be one of the PlayStation Network's worst games. And not just because it is so insanely boring and repetitive, but because it had such potential. It was creative, it was goofy, and it had ninja dolls. How did it get screwed up? The game is plagued by broken, unresponsive controls, annoying music, repetitive challenges, and no online play. The latter is the game's biggest flaw, seeing as it is a multiplayer-focused game. While some of these detractors are tolerable, taken together they ruin what could have been a huge hit. (PS3, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic) 4/10

Marty8370  +   2453d ago
Totall Bullsh#......................
It's a cool game that can be had for free off US PS Store.

Whilst it would have been cool to have online play, not all games require online.
Pennywise  +   2453d ago
I feel they will add online to it. 7/10 min this game is def. not a 4/10. Idiots.
Pennywise  +   2453d ago
I guess a 4 is fair if you have no friends to play with.
Blaze929  +   2453d ago
at least it became free. Was a crime for all those who paid $10 for it though. I enjoyed it and got the trophies I could out of it but after the challenges, never went back to it.

But i love that YouTube feature, more games should support that feature.
AntoineDcoolette  +   2453d ago
Everyone who actually bought the game should have $10 added to their PSN accounts lol
MysticStrummer  +   2453d ago
4 is somewhat harsh
I agree that online play would have been great and the controls are a little tricky, but I think it's a good game. I'm not big into fighting games so I may never have tried it out for 9.99, but free's for me. I think the music is catchy and quirky, much like the music in LBP, a game that is brought to mind when playing Rag Doll Kung Foo. Love the weapons that fall out of the sky in a gift wrapped box, and the challenges are tough, man. This is an old school type game and I think it's worthy of a download, especially when it's free.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2453d ago
It's better than PAIN imho, and I paid for that.
Chewbaraka  +   2453d ago
Weird that someone would even review a multiplayer game without playing multiplayer at all. I don't get it.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2452d ago
Yeah, the author must have totally missed where it is advertised as a party game when he downloaded it.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2453d ago
4/10? Are we serious here? The game is really fun in single player or when your playing with your friends locally. The game is kinda hard but it's still a must own PSN game. I have had more fun with this game than SC4 tbh.
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